Help Us To End Bullfighting


From the moment the bull enters the ring, he is destined to die. His death will be slow and painful, and the last moments of his life will be full of terror and confusion as he hears the sounds of a jeering crowd. For the bull, bullfighting is no “competition”. It is simply slaughter for human entertainment.


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Help stop Nestlea from torturing animals.


Nestlé, which makes Nestea, conducts—and pays others to conduct—painful and deadly tea tests on animals.


Experimenters injected mice with toxic chemicals in order to give them diabetes, then force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, mice were force-fed tea extracts and then had their leg muscles cut open before being decapitated. In still another test, mice bred to suffer brain damage and rapid aging were locked in dark chambers and given painful shocks to their extraordinarily sensitive feet before being killed. Doesn't sound like your cup of tea, does it?


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